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Elementary Relationships
Extensions of Verbal Behavior
Multiple Controlling Relationships
Building on the Elementary Relationships

46.8 Autoclitic Tact Example #5

Negation is similar. A response that is strengthened to some degree may be about to occur under circumstances that do not usually control that response. The inappropriateness of the other circumstances may result in the tact “no” or “not” preceding the emission of the primary response. For example, a few drops of water may appear on the sidewalk from a lawn sprinkler, and this is sufficient to increase the probability of the response “rain;” however, the other stimuli in the situation, such as a clear sky and otherwise dry pavement, may strengthen the tact of the inappropriateness of the primary response.

Autoclitic Tact

A verbal relationship with the following features:

A non-verbal stimulus

The non-verbal stimulus is some aspect of a primary verbal relationship

The specific features of the controlling relationship (e.g., receptor being stimulated or the intensity or strength of the stimulation; stimulation may include an establishing response)

The form of the response

A cartoon man with a sun.
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