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Elementary Relationships
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Multiple Controlling Relationships
Building on the Elementary Relationships

35.4 More Fragmentary Sources of Strength and Alliteration

Having said “faint” provides a formal (echoic) additional source of strength for the first part of the response “fresh,” but exerts no control over the other response forms, “new” and “beginning.” Therefore, the response “fresh” is somewhat more likely to occur because of multiple sources of strength.

Fragmentary Source of Strength

A type of stimulus control with the following features:

The response form is multiply controlled

At least one of the controlling variables strengthens only one part of the response form

Which types of elementary verbal relationships are involved

The response topography

35.4 More Fragmentary Sources of Strength and Alliteration - The fresh flame of the young year leads to new beginnings, as leaves and flowers transform into fruit.
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