We score 4.28 out of 5 based on 3636 reviews
Based on 3636 reviews
An Intro to RFT

Fantastic presentation and content. Liked the frequent learning checks to be sure we could understand what was being taught. Nice format too. Very easy to use. I loved this course and look forward to more!

Great learning experience! much better than a textbook =.)

Great and introductory course on RFT

Very comprehensive in an easy to understand language. Great examples and visuals to explain concepts.
I think this course should be more than 6 CEUs though.
Highly recommend.

Great info and a touch of humor

I had to purchase the module for graduate school. I found the information and presentation engaging and informative. I would gladly purchase another module from foxylearning.


I really learned a very complex topic in a simple way where they broke down the topics and really made sure your understanding of them was clear before moving onto the next.

The introduction to RFT module was an excellent resource. The material was appropriately paced, and presented well. Follow-up activities helped reinforce the material presented. Overall an excellent learning tool!

Great way to learn about RFT - found the module engaging and informative.

This tutorial was very helpful. I had no knowledge about RFT and now have a basic understanding of this topic.


It gives you an easy understanding of RFT with so many examples. Highly recommended.

Great way of learning online

An Introduction to Relational Frame Theory was a very visual way of learning, somehow fun and less stressful than expected. You can do it at your own pace and once started it all goes fast (way faster than reading RFT Learning book would, in my personal opinion). It was great !


Interesting perspectives and information to consider if you have selective eaters! My only dislike was that the audio seemed to be recorded very low. Even on max volume it was difficult to hear without using headphones.


I wasn’t able to get past 25 mins so I referred to the free version. Therefore a waste of money in regards CEU. The content I found was very useful for what I am needing in regards to study. Thank you

I'm sorry to hear you had a problem with this video. I do not see any support requests or messages from you. If you contact us via the Help button on our site (or by emailing us at we can try to troubleshoot the issue. We are also glad to issue a full refund if you prefer (so no 'waste of money' required!).

Great Presentation!!

This presentation was incredibly informative! I definitely learned so much from Dr.Dore-Stites. I greatly appreciate how thorough yet concise her presentation of the content was. So grateful for the references she shared. Everything here is going to be so valuable to my students and their families.

This course was thoroughly a enjoyable, entertaining, and accessible way to learn RFT. I recommend it to all my colleagues and supervisees.

Interactive and engaging. I appreciate the humour sprinkled throughout.

This was a very high quality presentation of an introduction to RFT. It was very well presented and engaging. I definitely recommend this tutorial to anyone interested in learning more about RFT and/or seeking CEU's for certification requirements.

I really enjoyed this class and found it to be very interesting. Material was clearly presented and explained. Great examples and visuals used to explain concepts. There was even some humor sprinkled in throughout the lessons.

Great Tutorial! Absolutely helped me get a better understanding of RFT. Easy to understanding by learner who is new to RFT.

The content is clear and helpful.

What an exceptional training, good for new learners and as a refresher for those that have been exposed to RFT and ACT. Well worth your money!

Promoting Quality in Adult Services for People with Autism: Evidence-Based Strategies

Great and informative!

Very Important Skill

Thank you for putting together this CEU. I work with folks with brain injury and have found that this skill in particularly is extremely important for this population to increase memory and to solve novel problems. Please keep doing more problem solving CEUs

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