Introductory Concepts
Elementary Relationships
Extensions of Verbal Behavior
Multiple Controlling Relationships
Building on the Elementary Relationships

6.8 Establishing Operation Example #3

Another general class of establishing operations involves acquiring some object which would allow the organism to make a subsequent response that would be reinforced. If Cameron says that they will give you $100 for a sketch of a cat, the reinforcement value of a pencil (and the likelihood that you will ask for one) will probably increase sharply.

Establishing Operation

An environmental change or event with the following features:

Precedes the response to which it is functionally related

Increases the effectiveness of a particular stimulus change as reinforcement

The type of environmental event

The cause of the environmental event

The type of stimulus that gains reinforcing effectiveness

A close up of a yellow pencil.
Okay, seriously…now I really need a pencil!”
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