Introductory Concepts
Elementary Relationships
Extensions of Verbal Behavior
Multiple Controlling Relationships
Building on the Elementary Relationships

27.2 Review of the Mand

The form of the mand, however, is not determined by a prior stimulus. Therefore, there are no relevant stimulus features. Whether or not those environmental events that we call establishing operations have features that can be called either relevant or irrelevant is a complex matter and is beyond the scope of this introductory tutorial. Although the form of the response is not controlled by a prior stimulus, other stimuli, including audience variables, may determine whether or not the specific response form is emitted.

A diagram illustrating the process of defining a mandate for an operation.


A form of verbal behavior with the following features:

The response is verbal

The form of the response is controlled by an establishing operation

The musculature with which the response is executed (vocal, written, gestural, etc.)

The type of reinforcement made currently effective by the establishing operation (may be conditioned or unconditioned, etc.)

Whether or not the current response is followed by reinforcement

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