FoxyLearning relies on green, renewable energy for a brighter future!

Global Impact & Responsibility

The environmental impact of the internet is considerable, and every website is part of a digital ecosystem that consumes energy with each interaction. The majority of this energy is derived from burning fossil fuels. According to some calculations, the global carbon emissions of digital technologies are on par with that of the airline industry.

An estimated 85% of the world’s population is affected by human-induced climate change and the most severe harm falls disproportionally upon underserved communities. We recognize that the climate crisis is real and that we have a responsibility to reduce our carbon footprint.

Green Hosting

Using a hosting provider that relies on green, renewable energy is one of the most important things a company can do to help minimize the environmental impact of their website. That’s why FoxyLearning is hosted with a Norwegian company called Servebolt, which specializes in green hosting using the most sustainable energy in the most energy-optimized fashion. They also plant trees to compensate for their carbon footprint and are a certified partner of the Green Web Foundation. In addition, we use a content delivery network (CDN) called Cloudflare, which is another company with a strong commitment to sustainability and renewable energy.

Evaluating Our Impact

Aside from using green hosting, there are other things that can be done to reduce the carbon emissions associated with a website, such as making your website smaller and more efficient. Creating an accessible user experience is also important for helping users find what they need and accomplish tasks quickly, reducing the energy used by their devices. At FoxyLearning, we are always working hard to improve each of these factors. Ecograder is a service that helps us evaluate our progress and estimate the carbon emissions of our website.

Your Choice for Online Learning Matters

Below we have listed the Ecograder score (the higher the better) and estimated emissions output (the lower the better) for us and some of our competitors. Click on a website’s name to see their full report. You can see that your choice of online learning or CEU provider can have a significant impact on carbon emissions!

WebsiteEcograder ScoreEmissions per Pageload
960.16 g of CO2
CEUey850.69 g of CO2
Behavior Development Solutions711.39 g of CO2
Behavior University640.50 g of CO2
Behavior-Behavior640.88 g of CO2
Do Better Collective601.05 g of CO2
BehaviorLive602.07 g of CO2
AATBS591.12 g of CO2
ABA Technologies571.05 g of CO2
Praxis572.71 g of CO2
Behavior Webinars521.27 g of CO2
CentralReach522.24 g of CO2
ABA Inside Track412.41 g of CO2
The Daily BA267.04 g of CO2

Ecograder scores based on reports of website’s home page conducted on May 6, 2023. Scores and emissions estimate may not accurately reflect every page of the website.

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