FoxyLearning is committed to making its educational materials accessible to users of all abilities. We continuously seek to identify and evaluate opportunities for improving the usability and accessibility of our products and services.

Current Services and Product Accessibility Practices

FoxyLearning provides PDF versions of our tutorials on the “Materials” tab of each lesson page. We can provide PDF versions of other materials on demand, at no charge, to accessibility/disability support offices upon request for qualified students with disabilities.

Audiovisual Materials: All core instructional content of CEUniverse tutorials is offered as both text and audio, with user-configurable controls for enabling or disabling either format. All CEUniverse-produced videos are created and presented with closed captioning features. Our multimedia tutorials, interactive videos, and article quizzes are developed using an open-source elearning authoring tool called H5P, which has a strong focus on accessibility.

Website Standards: The FoxyLearning website meets many of the minimum requirements for WCAG 2.0 standards for accessibility, such as high contrast, HTML style sheets, and well-structured HTML. The vast majority of our content offers compatibility with most assistive technologies, and we offer both button and keyboard navigation through our tutorials.

Ongoing Commitment

FoxyLearning is steadily working to increase the accessibility and usability of its website, content, products, and features. All new FoxyLearning products and services are designed with accessibility in mind. Furthermore, ongoing evaluations of existing products and services are conducted in order to implement enhancements as feasible and we welcome user feedback on the accessibility of our content.

Further Information

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions about FoxyLearning’s accessibility support for students with disabilities, please email

This document was last updated on December 31, 2023.

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