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9.5 Formal Similarity Example #3

Another example might involve a stimulus that was produced very rapidly and a response-product resulting from a response made somewhat more slowly. If in fact the pitch is about the same and the speed is about the same, then it could be said that a greater deal of formal similarity exists than when the pitch or speed is different.

Formal Similarity

A relationship between a stimulus that evokes a response and the response-product of that response with the following features:

The stimulus and the response-product are both in the same modality (e.g., they are both visual or they are both auditory)

Their physical patterns or sequences resemble one another (e.g., they may look or sound alike)

Specific formal or dynamic features of the stimulus and the response-product

The number of additional formal or dynamic features resembling one another

A cartoon of a boy saying the word "cat".
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