The Antecedent
Learner Behavior
The Consequence
Conducting Sessions

4.2 Appropriate and Inappropriate Variations of the Instruction

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You can vary the instructions, but make sure to keep them brief. The briefer, the better. You can have instructions like, “Cow,” “Find cow,” “Where’s the cow?” “Show me the cow,” or “Point to the cow.” Do NOT use any additional descriptors (e.g., “Point to the cow. It is black and white.”). Do NOT instruct the learner to say anything about the pictures (e.g., “Tell me where the cow is.” “What’s this one?”).

“Cow.”“Tell me where the cow is.”
“Find cow.”“Point to the cow. It’s black and white.”
“Show me the cow.”“What’s this one?”
“Point to the cow.”“Is this one a cow?”
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