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Learner Behavior
The Consequence
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I like the introduction to DTT and listener responding. Excited to learn more about Teaching listener responding to children with autism in the next chapters.

Listener responding and DTT are topics I wish to learn a lot about! As a current elementary school teacher and aspiring BCBA, I hope to learn about this topic in depth in order to support my students.

Clear, logical, and concise way of deliver the content:)

It is clear info for DDT

The introduction is really useful !

Avatar Saba Shahirdavarpanah February 3, 2024 at 2:18 pm

clear and concise content!

I really enjoyed learning more about what listener responding is and what it is used for. I have been in the field for several years now and never heard this term so it was interested to learn more. It was also clear and able to understand content for both people in this field and people not in this field.

Excellent guidance on DTT

The DTT information was delivered clearly, and it was easy to follow. I am excited to review this technique.

I really liked how this explained each part of DTT and the examples it provided.

Very clear introduction to DTT

I appreciated how the “setting of DTT” section mentions that DTT does not have to be ran at the table – I feel as though this is a common misconception with many!

This did a great job of describing the process of DTT and its parts. I am eager to continue learning about how to teach LR through DTT.

The introduction is very helpful!

This was a lot of good and helpful information.

This module provided a lot of useful information.

A great introduction to the topic of DTT and listener responding. I can’t wait to learn more!

Avatar Chassity Washington February 24, 2024 at 8:45 am

The introduction was very concise and informative!

Great Introduction to the materials

This content is so easy to consume. I’m learning and retaining really well in this format.

this is great content

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