3.1 Consultation with Mrs. Howell Part 1

The ability to use technical terminology masterfully enables us to be fluid and flexible in our shaping with those less familiar with behavioral training. Consider the following scenario involving a teacher who uses a special education resource room for 45-minute meetings with her students.

You have been called to help address behaviors displayed by several third-grade students at an elementary school. Upon your first visit to that class, Mrs. Howell, a teacher with a master’s in education, explains that she uses a technique she saw another teacher use and “noticed that it reinforced desired behaviors” and considers it to be superior to “old-fashioned reinforcement.” Using this technique helps motivate her students to focus and perform in a timely manner as well as maintain concentration for the lessons to be meaningful and effective. 

Mrs. Howell, a woman in glasses, is standing in front of a group of children during a consultation.
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