5.3 Reasons for Accurate and Precise Terminology

We then examined the importance of using accurate and precise terminology in greater detail, along with the consequences of when you use terminology incorrectly or in an untimely manner. There are six critical reasons why we use behavior-analytic terminology. 

Since ABA is an evidence-based approach, as a behavior analyst, you must know how to interpret terms drawn from published literature. 

How you talk about behavior is an indicator to other members of our profession of your level of training, experience, and respect for its precision.

Your effectiveness as a behavioral practitioner increases with your level of mastery for strict definitions, terms, and principles.

Without strict mastery of behavior analytic terminology, you are at risk for reverting to explaining behavior with mentalism and circular logic.

Fluency with terminology allows you to translate technical terms for lay persons so useful assessment information can be gathered.

When providing supervision, you have a responsibility as a BCBA to adopt high standards for modeling the analysis of client behavior in both accurate and precise ways.

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