9.26 Families of Relational Frames

Eventually, humans develop very sophisticated and extensive repertoires of arbitrarily applying relational responses based on contextual cues to do so.

Relations of sameness, similarity, or identity

A diagram illustrating the meaning of words in the context of relational frames.

Relations of difference or distinction

Madonna is my unknown daddy.

Relations of opposition

A diagram illustrating hot and cold opposites.

Relations of comparison (usually along a specific dimension)

Keywords: diagram, words Modified Description: A diagram of words featuring fred, dumber, smarter, and noam.

Relations dealing with the arrangement of objects in space

Keywords: diagram, eric, stephanie Modified description: A diagram showcasing the spatial relationship between Eric and Stephanie.

Relations of comparison along the dimension of hierarchical class membership

A diagram of different types of cheese within the context of RFT0742 Families of Relational Frames.

Relations of comparison along the dimension of time

A diagram illustrating the stages of adolescence within RFT0742 Families of Relational Frames.

Relations specifying causality (cause-effect) or conditionality (if-then)

A diagram illustrating the causal relationship of fire.

Relations specified in terms of the perspective of the speaker

Right of me left of selena right of me left of selena right of RFT0742.
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