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Verbal behavior, where are you? I’m waiting to see how relational frame theory is related to you.

This tutorial does not provide an explicit comparison between RFT and Skinner’s analysis of verbal behavior, but such comparisons exist in the literature (see the 2001 RFT book or this 2000 article by Barnes-Holmes, Barnes-Holmes, and Cullinan for some early such accounts).

It seems or looks like VB shares the same definition with RFT up to a certain point. Ex.) RFT is a theory about how humans acquire language through interactions with their environment (similar to VB) and is designed to provide a practical analysis of language and cognition (where RFT and VB diverge in definition). Plus VB is not language based or communication based, verbal behavior falls under the umbrella of language and Communication as its own distinct category that focuses on the function of verbalizations not vocalizations, from what I gathered by just comparing and contrasting the definitions.

Very well explained!

very well explained

It was a simple and engaging way to introduce RFT. I am interested in learning more details about RFT and its importance and relevance to verbal behavior.

simple and easy to understand.

Very informative.

I’m curios to dive deeper into RFT as I am not seeing how language is acquired through interaction in our environment when someone does not have vocal language in their repertoire. Are there theories on language acquisition that combine RFT with the humans enate ability to speak and understand language. Maybe I’m missing something.

Sounds like the social construction of meaning – Vygotsky

Avatar sijuwade olaniran June 27, 2024 at 8:09 am

Learning made easy .

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