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    This is a great introduction and training material to be used for those that are new in field.

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    This was useful for explaining Verbal Behavior more engagingly than simply reading the book.

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    This is a good introduction to the topic and was helpful during my schooling.

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  4. Maira Martinez

    This module was very help.

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    Foxylearning presents a nice variety of recent, relevant material. I love the RFT and ACT units; I wish more of them were presentations. I also wish you had units on animal training (I found 2 on Cambridge Center for Behavior Analysis). Pavlov and Skinner started out training dogs, pigeons and rats; where are our Cesar Milan’s? My cat is better at shaping behavior than I am. It has better here/now focus than I do. But, seriously, there are profound ethical issues in how we relate to animals— and, ultimately, to each other.

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