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    – I liked the clear, to the point instructions and amount of detail in this module.
    – There were many examples of correct and incorrect responses from the learner and the instructor.

    – This module did not discuss the adverse effects of full physical prompting and din’t mention gaining consent (or assent) from a learner before touching their body. This is disrespectful and can cause harm for the child. It should be taught in any lesson that instructs the user to implement physical prompts.
    – Also, this lesson only showed how to do LR with picture cards. No actual objects, or any other type of LR targets (responding to verbal instruction to touch nose).
    – It was broken into too many sections. Some could be combined so you don’t have to click go to next lesson and open up a new pop up so frequently. Or have a “start next lesson” button at the end after clicking “mark as complete”

    My main concern regarding this module:
    Please add in a section about consent (and assent) as this should be taught to anyone implementing physical prompts with any individual, but especially young children who are at an increased risk of mistreatment and abuse by adults. The module should not instruct the use of these types of prompts without a discussion of consent. It should also provide the many other types of prompts that can be used that are less intrusive (hand under hand, just touching the elbow or arm, etc.) as well as those that are not physical (moving correct card closer to the learner, gesturing near the correct card, etc.). Thank you.

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    I found that this style is a lot of information, turned into bite-size pieces of information, stated in a cute and somewhat whimsical manner. However, I didn’t find that it was presented in a manner that was especially helpful in retaining information for me. I don’t think it uses best practices, at least compared to another system I was required to buy, but that was a lot more expensive.

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    very poor instruction and not impressed

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    The post test is difficult and confusing

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