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    This is one of the most excessive uses of the over-complication of a behavior analytic subject. Why can’t we all just get on board with stimulus equivalence and call it a day?

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    My short argument would be that this very paper, demonstrating MY INABILITY to learn these topics, through MY already established Derived Operant Class Mastery of derived relational frames, is only more evidence that RFT is such a profound over-complication and explanatory fiction of stimulus equivalence that we shouldn’t be teaching it. Zero out of Ten, do not recommend.

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    Completely ambiguous and outdated

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    Courses took very long

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    FoxyLearning frequently had issues marking sections as complete leading to continuously repeating entire modules. It is hard to comment on the quality of the modules when you are forced to complete them over and over.

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    • Eric J. Fox, Ph.D.

      Hi Nick — I’m sorry you did not have a good experience with the tutorial. I see that you contacted our helpdesk once about this issue, but did not respond to our request for additional information (sent less than 30 minutes after you contacted us). We probably could have helped you resolve this issue, but we can’t do that if you don’t work with us to determine what is happening. Thanks for the feedback.

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