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We score 4.27 out of 5 based on 3496 reviews
Based on 3496 reviews
Hey Jonathan — I’m sorry you didn’t have a good experience with this tutorial. Determining the number of CEUs to award for self-paced content like this is very difficult. Unfortunately, we live in a world where instruction is still measured primarily by “time in seat” rather than competencies or learning objectives achieved. In determining the number of CEUs for our modules we try to strike a balance between expected time to completion and the amount of content or number of objectives covered. For the RFT tutorial in particular, we actually have a lot of data (it has been online for over 15 years now) showing that 5 hrs is a pretty good estimate of central tendency for time to completion. There is variability, of course, and some people finish the tutorial much more quickly and some people finish it much more slowly. We have considered awarding credit based on actual time to completion, but there are two key problems with that. The first problem is that accurately measuring time to completion in a self-paced, online format is pretty difficult. We still try to do it (you may notice a “are you still here?” prompt occasionally pop up while you’re working on our modules), but there are serious limitations to consider. The second problem is that it punishes learning quickly and reinforces learning slowly. Someone who can complete this tutorial and master its content in just 3 hours would only get about 3.5 CEUs, whereas someone who takes 10 hours to complete it would earn 12 CEUs. That doesn’t seem fair and raises a related problem of how to sell and price an event without a predetermined number of CEUs to be awarded. While it’s fun to think of myself as a “new and/or unsupervised instructor” (and I’m just blushing at the mere suggestion of it!) the truth is I’ve been teaching and designing instruction for over 20 years (sometimes even with adult supervision!), and I’ve been refining this particular tutorial on a regular basis for over 15 years. It’s not everybody’s cup of tea, but I’m pretty happy with it and so are most of our customers. If you have specific issues with the testing and UI you’d like to share with us, we’re always happy to listen and make changes when appropriate. Thanks for your time and review.