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The Effects of a Text Message Prompt on Conversation Between Dyads with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Julia Blanco & Marjorie Charlop
Many forms of technology are now a mainstay of families, such as smartphones, iPads, computers and the like. Easy to use procedures that can be implemented on these devices in naturalistic settings are being developed. These treatment procedures are less stigmatizing, easy to use, do not require apps, and can be used with any of these technologies available in the classroom, home, and community. This presentation will focus on a series of studies using smartphones and iPads to increase the social speech of children with autism spectrum disorder in naturalistic settings.

Presented at the 2017 Michigan Autism Conference

Marjorie H. Charlop, Ph.D., BCBA, has dedicated her life’s work to helping children with ASD and their families. She is Professor of Psychology at Claremont McKenna College and Director of The Claremont Autism Center, her renowned research and treatment center for children with ASD and their families. As a Licensed Psychologist, she also maintains a private practice and consultation services. Dr. Charlop has hundreds of professional conference presentations and publications in the field of autism and has done workshops and lectures around the globe. Her book, “How to Do Naturalistic Teaching Strategies with a Focus on Incidental Teaching with Autism Spectrum Disorders” is in its second edition. Her latest book, “Play and Social Skills for Children with ASD” will also be out soon. Dr. Charlop’s research areas focus on the treatment of communication, motivation, social skills, and behavior problems. Using technology is among her newer research interests. Parent collaboration and education is among her primary areas of practice.
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