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The Effects of a Remote Behavioral Skills Training Package on Staff Performance in Conducting Functional Analyses

Denice Rios
In the present study, we sought to extend the current literature on utilizing behavioral skills training (BST) to teach practitioners how to implement functional analyses (FA). We used a non-concurrent multiple baseline design across ten participants to measure the effects of a remote BST package on accuracy of implementing FA procedures. The entire remote BST package was delivered via secure remote technology. Each participant experienced four phases which included baseline (only instructions with a simulated client), BST (instructions, modeling, rehearsal, and feedback with a simulated client), post-training probes (probes with a simulated client), and in situ probes (probes with actual clients). All participants increased their accuracy in implementing FAs during the remote BST phase. During post-training probes with a simulated client and in situ probes with actual clients, eight of the ten participants maintained their performance at or above mastery criterion. Two of the ten participants needed additional coaching and training. These results suggest that the use of remote technology for training purposes could be a cost-effective and feasible solution to increase the quality of services and number of trained professionals in underserved areas.

Presented at the 2022 Michigan Autism Conference

Denice Rios, Ph.D., BCBA-D earned her bachelor’s and master’s degree from California State University, Northridge and her doctoral degree in Behavior Analysis from Western Michigan University. Her research interests include examining effective staff training strategies (e.g., feedback), assessment and treatment of problem behavior, use of behavior analytic strategies via telehealth, and addressing microaggressions in the workplace. Dr. Rios is also passionate about issues related to equity and inclusion within the field of behavior analysis. Dr. Rios has published research in a number of peer-reviewed journals including: Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, Behavior Analysis: Research and Practice, and the Journal of Behavioral Education. She has presented her research in regional, national, and international conferences.
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