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Making Data Easy in Classroom Settings

Jason Guild & Kathy Fox
In many schools and clinical settings, staff report that they collect data frequently but aren’t sure what the data they collect are used for or how it leads to changes in student or client programming. At New Story Schools Ohio (formerly Haugland Learning Center), we focus on collecting and organizing data to maximize student progress and make sure staff who work with students directly are involved in the entire process. Three types of assessment are used to gain a clear picture of student performance: micro, meso, and macro. Classroom staff receive frequent coaching and feedback regarding instruction, assessment and data collection. In addition, meta analysis of all levels of classroom data is performed regularly. This presentation focuses on how data collection and analysis can be done easily and efficiently to ensure maximum student progress. Examples, challenges, and successes will be discussed.

Presented at the 2021 Michigan Autism Conference

Jason Guild has served in several roles at Haugland Learning Center for the last 11 years, including classroom aide, teacher and teacher coach. Data analysis is his favorite part of his job. He also works as a consultant for Morningside Teachers’ Academy. In his spare time, Jason enjoys watching auto racing and playing with his little boy, Jacob.
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