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Eric J. Fox

An Introduction to Relational Frame Theory (CP)

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Learn the key concepts, terms, and approach of Relational Frame Theory (RFT), a behavioral account of human language and cognition. RFT provides the theoretical basis for promising new interventions in applied behavior analysis (e.g., PEAK Relational Training System) and clinical psychology (e.g., Acceptance and Commitment Therapy).

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Relational Frame Theory (RFT) is a behavioral account of human language and cognition that emerged primarily from converging lines of research on rule-governed behavior and derived stimulus relations. It is an extension of B.F. Skinner’s analysis of verbal behavior in some respects, but also directly challenges some of the basic tenets of that analysis. More importantly, it has drastic implications for how we conduct a science of human behavior, as it explains how stimulus functions can be altered in ways that are not directly predictable from a traditional contingency analysis. RFT provides a framework for an analysis of complex human behavior, and serves as the basis of promising new interventions in applied behavior analysis (e.g., PEAK Relational Training System) and clinical psychology (e.g., Acceptance and Commitment Therapy). This tutorial, first published in 2004, helps the learner master the key concepts, terms, and approach of RFT.

About the Author
An Introduction to Relational Frame Theory was written and developed by Dr. Eric J. Fox (Doc Fox), the founder and director of Foxylearning. Doc Fox was a contributing author to the first book-length treatment of Relational Frame Theory (RFT), developed the original Association for Contextual Behavioral Science (ACBS) website (and the RFT and ACT websites that preceded it), was a founding member of the ACBS Board of Directors, and has presented and published on RFT numerous times.
Eric J. Fox, Ph.D.
Founder & Director of Foxylearning, Author of An Introduction to Relational Frame Theory
Dr. Eric J. Fox holds a doctorate in Learning & Instructional Technology from Arizona State University and a master's degree in behavior analysis from the University of Nevada, Reno. He has over two decades of experience in instructional design, behavior analysis, and web development, if you can believe that. Prior to dedicating his full attention to Foxylearning, Dr. Fox served as a faculty member in the psychology department of Western Michigan University, Dean of Instruction at Saybrook University, Director of Instructional Design for Altius Education, Senior Content Developer at Cengage Learning, and Director of Educational Technology for The Ohio State University College of Medicine. His love of learning, technology, and behavioral science is coupled with an unhealthy affinity for Batman.
Learning Objectives
Upon completing the tutorial, the learner should be able to:

  1. Identify two of the distinguishing characteristics of human language and how they are accounted for by Relational Frame Theory (RFT)
  2. Identify definitions and examples of key theoretical concepts in RFT (including derived stimulus relation, functional contextual theory, relational responding, generalized operant, multiple exemplar training, mutual entailment, combinatorial entailment, transformation of stimulus functions, and contextual cues)
  3. Specify the process by which relational responding leads to derived stimulus relations
  4. Analyze samples of natural language using the terms and concepts of RFT
Technical Requirements
The tutorial requires only an active internet connection and a relatively modern web browser with JavaScript enabled.
Accuracy, Utility, and Risks
The content of this tutorial should be considered quite accurate, as it was written by an expert in the field and reviewed for accuracy by Dr. Steven C. Hayes, who led the development of RFT and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), and Dr. Dermot Barnes-Holmes, who is one of the most prolific RFT researchers and scholars in the world. This tutorial should benefit any psychologist, behavior analyst, student, or behavioral science professional who would like to have a conceptual framework for analyzing human language and cognition that is more functional and pragmatic than the structural analyses of traditional linguistics or cognitive psychology. It will be particularly beneficial to those wishing to understand the theoretical basis of ACT or those working to establish verbal repertoires with children or adults who have language delays. This tutorial will not provide you with training in specific interventions or methods based on RFT, but it will provide you with a conceptual understanding of the theoretical basis of such interventions and methods. There is little to no risk associated with completing this tutorial, aside from the physical risks associated with any computer work (e.g., repetitive stress injuries and eyestrain) and possibly severe boredom.
This tutorial was initially developed as part of the author’s dissertation research at Arizona State University. The topic was selected to introduce the complex concepts of Relational Frame Theory (RFT) to a broad audience. A beta version was introduced in 2003, with the first full release in 2004. The tutorial earned the author the Nova Southeastern Award for Outstanding Practice by a Graduate Student in Instructional Design from the Design & Development division of the Association for Educational Communications & Technology. With an award name that long, you know it’s got to be good. The first commercial version (developed in Adobe Flash) was launched on Foxylearning in January 2010 and the first HTML5 version was launched in May 2012. Significant updates were also released in June 2013, June 2019, and January 2020.

Free Preview

You can launch the lessons of the open-access version of this module using the links below. The open-access version does not include the final quiz or our personal notes tool, but the rest of the content is the same. Please note that your completion of open-access lessons for this module will not transfer to or count toward the coursepack edition of the module. In addition, completion data for the open-access version may be purged on a regular basis without notice.

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  474. Laura Treffers (verified owner)

  475. Sarah Dawdy (verified owner)

  476. Sarah Marie Saxton (verified owner)

  477. Angel Gonzalez (verified owner)

  478. Jennifer S Vore (verified owner)

  479. Katie Hedger (verified owner)

  480. Alexis C Brough (verified owner)

  481. Dakota Dillon (verified owner)

  482. Diane Igras (verified owner)

  483. Andreana Hebert (verified owner)

  484. Tricia Kopec MA, BCBA (verified owner)

  485. fady khouzami (verified owner)

  486. Brittnee Revell (verified owner)

  487. Kaitlin Sullivan (verified owner)

  488. Kristin More (verified owner)

  489. Melissa O’Meara (verified owner)

  490. Paula Petit-Frere (verified owner)

  491. Harvey Bayliss (verified owner)

  492. Brandy Young (verified owner)

  493. Alison O’Connell (verified owner)

  494. Caroline McGarvey (verified owner)

  495. Fernando Herrera (verified owner)

  496. Matthew Bond (verified owner)

  497. Lori Kollin (verified owner)

  498. Amanda Rudd (verified owner)

  499. Chelsee Rodriguez B.A. (verified owner)

  500. Shady Alexandria Alvarez (verified owner)

  501. Blain Hockridge (verified owner)

  502. Kian Said Assemi (verified owner)

  503. Nana Aba Jones (verified owner)

  504. Kacie Anne Robles B.A. (verified owner)

  505. Vanessa Montano (verified owner)

  506. Gregory Lopez (verified owner)

  507. Paulina Dominguez (verified owner)

  508. Vanessa L Gowett (verified owner)

  509. Kyle Pangracs (verified owner)

  510. Lily Martinez (verified owner)

  511. Jacob Archer (verified owner)

  512. Julie Tew (verified owner)

  513. jordan relph (verified owner)

  514. Stephen Bilich (verified owner)

  515. Sharae R Vicknair (verified owner)

  516. juana bolanos (verified owner)

  517. Jessica Day (verified owner)

  518. petra jacobsen (verified owner)

  519. Benjamin M Ramos (verified owner)

  520. Jessica Auzenne (verified owner)

  521. Karlye J Rodriguez (verified owner)

  522. Brittany Wilke (verified owner)

  523. Stephanie M. Klingbeil (verified owner)

  524. Anneli Levin (verified owner)

  525. Brittany V Williams MA (verified owner)

  526. Michael P Lasher M.A. (verified owner)

  527. Sarah Mooy (verified owner)

  528. Clifford L Wright (verified owner)

  529. Cathy Quigley (verified owner)

  530. Kelly McElrath (verified owner)

  531. Michael McQuaid (verified owner)

  532. Rachel Skelly (verified owner)

  533. Ciara Skelly (verified owner)

  534. Kerie Enright Young (verified owner)

  535. Brandi M. Landers (verified owner)

  536. Clara I Pachon M.D. (verified owner)

  537. Theodore H Chappell (verified owner)

  538. Jennifer Anacker (verified owner)

  539. Sherry R Forzley BCaBA (verified owner)

  540. Kim Van der Toorn (verified owner)

  541. Erin Copeland (verified owner)

  542. Jason N Linville (verified owner)

  543. Cassie L Mohr (verified owner)

  544. Jennifer l Cowan (verified owner)

  545. Kayleigh Rohan (verified owner)

  546. Josette Boerner (verified owner)

  547. Trevin Bair M.Ed. (verified owner)

  548. Malaney L Harmon (verified owner)

  549. Genesis Thistle (verified owner)

  550. anay beck (verified owner)

  551. Cynthia Downham (verified owner)

  552. Nora A Bostic (verified owner)

  553. Cindy Andree Bowen BCaBA (verified owner)

  554. Andrew D Currey (verified owner)

  555. Brittany N Bartz

  556. kathryn fitterer BCaBA (verified owner)

  557. Blair Nicole Cuny (verified owner)

  558. Emma E Conger (verified owner)

  559. Jonathan Wagley (verified owner)

  560. Conor S Dunleavy (verified owner)

  561. catharina zazoff (verified owner)

  562. Shana M Pepple (verified owner)

  563. Katie Moyna (verified owner)

  564. Rachel Geoghegan (verified owner)

  565. Sarah Glynn (verified owner)

  566. Carmen Maria Haab (verified owner)

  567. Yvonne van de Vis Kaufmann (verified owner)

  568. Casey Marie Donaghey (verified owner)

  569. Rebecca J Chandler (verified owner)

  570. freda L Zody (verified owner)

  571. Danielle Lynch DL (verified owner)

  572. Andrew Wynne (verified owner)

  573. Lisa Sheridan (verified owner)

  574. Ryan J Hoey (verified owner)

  575. florence p williams (verified owner)

  576. Molly Delaney (verified owner)

  577. David Hanley (verified owner)

  578. ilaria fraccaroli (verified owner)

  579. Giulia La Rosa (verified owner)

  580. Alan McDonagh (verified owner)

  581. Monica Rigor (verified owner)

  582. Antje Frey Nascimento (verified owner)

  583. Fabienne Schwager (verified owner)

  584. Andrea Castro Alvarez (verified owner)

  585. Sarah Kedzia (verified owner)

  586. Nerea Martín (verified owner)

  587. Lindsey Lovelady (verified owner)

  588. Romain Lionel Cottens (verified owner)

  589. Claire Diekman (verified owner)

  590. Stephanie M Cooke MA, BCBA

  591. PAULO ROBERTO H GURGEL Ph.D (verified owner)

  592. Ruth Attard (verified owner)

  593. Faessler S Alexandra – (verified owner)

  594. Caoimhe Marie Moran (verified owner)

  595. Daniela Conrad (verified owner)

  596. Kimberly M Castro (verified owner)

  597. Marta w Grzywacz (verified owner)

  598. Anja Waldmeier (verified owner)

  599. Kathrin Frehner (verified owner)

  600. Sarah Reynolds (verified owner)

  601. Monica L Garcia B.S. in Applied Psychology (verified owner)

  602. Michelle Kim (verified owner)

  603. Pimpak Sangngern (verified owner)

  604. Julie M Lemon (verified owner)

  605. Beverly Razo Greer B.A (verified owner)

  606. Betsie Johnson (verified owner)

  607. Jessica Rae Wight (verified owner)

  608. Milla Leskinen (verified owner)

  609. Ryan Murphy (verified owner)

  610. Kyle A Ditzian M.S. (verified owner)

  611. IVAN NOE MARTINEZ SALAZAR (verified owner)

  612. Camilla Falk (verified owner)

  613. Hedvig Wünsche (verified owner)

  614. Sara Linderman (verified owner)

  615. Sofia Winnerhed (verified owner)

  616. Paolo Jacinto (verified owner)

  617. TIFFANY SHUM (verified owner)

  618. Brian MacNeill (verified owner)

  619. Leanne M Grealish (verified owner)

  620. Deseree LaForce (verified owner)

  621. Jennifer Beers Ph.D., BCBA-D

  622. Imelda A Chaparro Robles (verified owner)

  623. Vendela Silver (verified owner)

  624. Amy Robins (verified owner)

  625. Rachel C Ward (verified owner)

  626. Amy Ostroff (verified owner)

  627. Marianne Weber (verified owner)

  628. Lorraine Mary Sweeney (verified owner)

  629. Raffaela Maria Hartmann-Schorro (verified owner)

  630. Regina Agnes Weilbächer B.Sc. (verified owner)

  631. Lisa Netscher (verified owner)

  632. Sandra Brogli (verified owner)

  633. Chad A Sage (verified owner)

  634. Deborah Hall (verified owner)

  635. James Alex Zeorlin (verified owner)

  636. Cale C Hager (verified owner)

  637. Mimi J Baber (verified owner)

  638. Lucas Cylke (verified owner)

  639. Disa Berg (verified owner)

  640. Jarrell Brazzle (verified owner)

  641. Wan-Yu Jenny Lin (verified owner)

  642. Stefan Lim (verified owner)

  643. Catherine S Desmond (verified owner)

  644. Firdose Rizvi (verified owner)

  645. Beverley K Slater (verified owner)

  646. Anna Tashkoff (verified owner)

  647. Satu Anneli Heikkinen (verified owner)

  648. Nikki Robinson Darby (verified owner)

  649. Robson Nascimento Cruz (verified owner)

  650. Brittany Bell (verified owner)

  651. Papillon JM DeBoer (verified owner)

  652. Matt Fuenfhausen (verified owner)

  653. Melissa Lopez (verified owner)

  654. Sabrina Jeyaratnam (verified owner)

  655. Luisa Baez (verified owner)

  656. Elizabeth A Shurte (verified owner)

  657. Monique Marchand (verified owner)

  658. Tiffany A Bush CSAC (verified owner)

  659. Sarah E Tonkin (verified owner)

  660. Benjamin Clarke (verified owner)

  661. Nicole M LeMaster B.S. (verified owner)

  662. Samantha Delano (verified owner)

  663. Kaitlin Chappelow (verified owner)

  664. Amy Weller (verified owner)

  665. Lessie Eugene (verified owner)

  666. Emily Voges (verified owner)

  667. Shannon Rumschlag (verified owner)

  668. Shantelle Soto BA (verified owner)

  669. Alisa Dietz (verified owner)

  670. Jennifer Neely (verified owner)

  671. Tamara A Stowers (verified owner)

  672. rachael onopiuk M.A. (verified owner)

  673. RICHARD ROBLES (verified owner)

  674. sara smith (verified owner)

  675. Morgan Hall (verified owner)

  676. jennifer n schulte (verified owner)

  677. Hannah M Roy (verified owner)

  678. Reenu E George (verified owner)

  679. G. Sandee Delice (verified owner)

  680. Phil Crary BCBA (verified owner)

  681. Jessica Cox (verified owner)

  682. Dusica Vujacic – Richer (verified owner)

  683. Kristen N Clan (verified owner)

  684. Jeffrey T Bolin (verified owner)

  685. Jordan Ashley Hall (verified owner)

  686. Catherine Shramek (verified owner)

  687. Grace Eyk MA, BCBA

  688. stacey rathjen (verified owner)

  689. Antonio Cantero Caja (verified owner)

  690. Sherena Bassier (verified owner)

  691. allison atlan (verified owner)

  692. Catherine Snow (verified owner)

  693. David Maloney (verified owner)

  694. Kalma M Arnett BSc. Psychology (verified owner)

  695. Nafeesa Yeung BASc, MPEd (candidate) (verified owner)

  696. Rebecca Logan (verified owner)

  697. Tracie Abbott (verified owner)

  698. Trevor Friesen (verified owner)

  699. Stephanie Codd (verified owner)

  700. Jillian Baldwin (verified owner)

  701. Karmen Thulin (verified owner)

  702. Lauren Chase (verified owner)

  703. Martin Skagseth (verified owner)

  704. Eli Alperstein (verified owner)

  705. Michael Carrizales (verified owner)

  706. Jenna King (verified owner)

  707. Richard Crease (verified owner)

  708. Liesa Etheridge M.A., LMHC (verified owner)

  709. Reginald Pacheco (verified owner)

  710. Clayne Chase LCSW (verified owner)

  711. Angela Mendoza (verified owner)

  712. Taylor S Hill M.S., BCBA (verified owner)

  713. Liz Dore (verified owner)

  714. Anna Gibson (verified owner)

  715. Grace Cascone (verified owner)

  716. Allison Bihler (verified owner)

  717. Paul M Miller PhD (verified owner)

  718. Elizabeth O Ahlers (verified owner)

  719. Kim Muller (verified owner)

  720. Suzanne Williams MA (verified owner)

  721. Megan Marsh (verified owner)

  722. Alyssa Weber (verified owner)

  723. Theresa Tran (verified owner)

  724. Kiara Vann (verified owner)

  725. Jonathan H Glickman (verified owner)

  726. carly schwartz (verified owner)

  727. Nicole Adamo (verified owner)

  728. Sarah Lukens (verified owner)

  729. Jennifer JJ James (verified owner)

  730. Lauren Chiaravalloti (verified owner)

  731. James Currie (verified owner)

  732. Shayla Miller (verified owner)

  733. Timothy Flanagan (verified owner)

  734. Andrea Araujo (verified owner)

  735. susanne svärm (verified owner)

  736. Brittany Bosi (verified owner)

  737. Pamela J Konareski B.A (verified owner)

  738. Jamie Fetzer (verified owner)

  739. Logan Taylor Penticuff (verified owner)

  740. Tomas Blomquist (verified owner)

  741. antoine culbreath (verified owner)

  742. Chris M Polacek (verified owner)

  743. Jennifer Adler (verified owner)

  744. Marissa Marshall

  745. Meta Afariogun (verified owner)

  746. Christina Searcy (verified owner)

  747. Elissa Uhlmann (verified owner)

  748. Margie McMillan (verified owner)

  749. Kelsey Brown (verified owner)

  750. Ashley Minuski (verified owner)

  751. Bonnie Carney (verified owner)

  752. Justin M Hays (verified owner)

  753. Mariah A Tricker (verified owner)

  754. Laura Tease MA (verified owner)

  755. Andrew P Mattern (verified owner)

  756. Jessica Barry PsyD. (verified owner)

  757. Katherine L Gleason (verified owner)

  758. Chelsea Witt (verified owner)

  759. Stephanie Dille (verified owner)

  760. Laura O’Toole (verified owner)

  761. Robyn K Marian (verified owner)

  762. Deshia R Dees (verified owner)

  763. Leroy Vazquez (verified owner)

  764. Whitney Elizabeth Greer (verified owner)

  765. Logan Messer (verified owner)

  766. Kayla Massey (verified owner)

  767. Arild Venæs (verified owner)

  768. Håkon Møster (verified owner)

  769. Amanda St.Romain (verified owner)

  770. Cynthia Cornwell (verified owner)

  771. Carrie H Betts (verified owner)

  772. Lindsey Paige Bronstein (verified owner)

  773. Erica N Herman (verified owner)

  774. Kenedi N Hobson (verified owner)

  775. Toby Meusburger (verified owner)

  776. Neely C England (verified owner)

  777. Dianna L Boston (verified owner)

  778. Justin J Joseph (verified owner)

  779. Corynne R Farmer (verified owner)

  780. Robert McIntosh (verified owner)

  781. Michael Goldstein (verified owner)

  782. Johanna Rosales (verified owner)

  783. Tyler Thrasher (verified owner)

  784. Michelle Pantrey (verified owner)

  785. Christina M.A. Verdon (verified owner)

  786. Cody R Stolarchuk (verified owner)

  787. Kristine Hernes Haugen (verified owner)

  788. Megan Gordon (verified owner)

  789. Maegan Lynn Phillips (verified owner)

  790. John James (verified owner)

  791. Jennifer Stich (verified owner)

  792. Becca Stannis (verified owner)

  793. Michael P Szabo (verified owner)

  794. Luz E Correa Gomez B.A. (verified owner)

  795. Lisa Kadison (verified owner)

  796. Jesse M Vandermeer (verified owner)

  797. Amel Becirevic (verified owner)

  798. Christine Raches (verified owner)

  799. Taylor Simpson (verified owner)

  800. Anastasia Bui (verified owner)

  801. Silje Svendsen (verified owner)

  802. Cynthia Riha (verified owner)

  803. Colter Diehl (verified owner)

  804. bethany curtis (verified owner)

  805. Josefin Fahlander (verified owner)

  806. Amber Marie Feil (verified owner)

  807. Louelynn Onato (verified owner)

  808. Matthew Tolliver (verified owner)

  809. Stephanie Glaze (verified owner)

  810. Brian Arizmendi (verified owner)

  811. Audrey N Hoffmann (verified owner)

  812. Samantha Clarke (verified owner)

  813. Pille Pedmanson (verified owner)

  814. Jezel Jones (verified owner)

  815. Julia Fejgin (verified owner)

  816. Nolan Williams (verified owner)

  817. Ramona Sandnes (verified owner)

  818. Jeremy E Flowers B.A. (verified owner)

  819. Nicole Larson (verified owner)

  820. Tiffany Morrow (verified owner)

  821. Margaret Riley (verified owner)

  822. Elizabeth Hooks (verified owner)

  823. Audrey Vandegriff (verified owner)

  824. David Gasper (verified owner)

  825. Hong Zhou (verified owner)

  826. Susan Nicholson (verified owner)

  827. Kimberly E Koerber

  828. Alisa Heberle (verified owner)

  829. Jena Falconi BCBA, LABA (verified owner)

  830. Maria Cowley (verified owner)

  831. Vanda Carmen Lory (verified owner)

  832. Kreiliger Julia (verified owner)

  833. Hannah Marie Harris (verified owner)

  834. Katie Moldenhauer (verified owner)

  835. Elvira Fasel (verified owner)

  836. Alice M Carruthers (verified owner)

  837. Bridget Fitzgerald LCSW (verified owner)

  838. Thomas Nolan (verified owner)

  839. Kerry McNamara

  840. Aine Connaire (verified owner)

  841. Fionnuala Rogers (verified owner)

  842. Lorna A Daly (verified owner)

  843. Robin Bashon (verified owner)

  844. Sean Madden (verified owner)

  845. David Pyles (verified owner)

  846. Carol Jeanne McPheters MS, BCBA (verified owner)

  847. Autumn L Griffith (verified owner)

  848. Darren Joseph Madden (verified owner)

  849. Niamh Davoren (verified owner)

  850. Ruud Berger (verified owner)

  851. Regina Gfrörer (verified owner)

  852. James Duguid (verified owner)

  853. Joe Lambert Ph.D.

  854. Susan Hartley BA (verified owner)

  855. Randal Hallstrom (verified owner)

  856. Sinead A. D’Arcy-Bewick (verified owner)

  857. Karen Farrell (verified owner)

  858. Ashton M Hooper M. Ed candidate (verified owner)

  859. Craig Schenck (verified owner)

  860. Elizabeth Demarchi (verified owner)

  861. Elizabeth Hill (verified owner)

  862. Madeline Smart (verified owner)

  863. Shanice nicole Dickerson (verified owner)

  864. Ashley N Christopher (verified owner)

  865. Shannon Biagi (verified owner)

  866. Elian Aljadeff-Abergel (verified owner)

  867. Barbara Knitter (verified owner)

  868. francoise kercheval (verified owner)

  869. Estíbaliz Royuela Colomer (verified owner)

  870. Brandy M Locchetta (verified owner)

  871. Daniel L. Miller (verified owner)

  872. Raina Melchor (verified owner)

  873. Katherine E. Merrill (verified owner)

  874. Phillip Jerdon LAMFT (verified owner)

  875. Joanna Seth (verified owner)

  876. Kristina Gage (verified owner)

  877. Barbara Poch (verified owner)

  878. Mai Manchanda (verified owner)

  879. Marlies Hagge (verified owner)

  880. fabrizia torazzi (verified owner)

  881. Roisin Moore (verified owner)

  882. Martin Myhre (verified owner)

  883. Alexandra Anisko (verified owner)

  884. James Booth (verified owner)

  885. Paula Robinson (verified owner)

  886. Briana Tingler (verified owner)

  887. Andrew J Emmitt (Bachelor of Counseling) (verified owner)

  888. Marie Barrett (verified owner)

  889. Jeff Gordon M.A. (verified owner)

  890. Katie Thibeaux (verified owner)

  891. Ariel Yang (verified owner)

  892. Eric Overley (verified owner)

  893. Thea King (verified owner)

  894. Madison Gamble (verified owner)

  895. Allyce Sulkowski (verified owner)

  896. Direnc Sakarya M.D. (verified owner)

  897. Leanne Russ (verified owner)

  898. Kostas Kapantais Psychologist (verified owner)

  899. Nicole Bates (verified owner)

  900. Galen T McCown MSW (verified owner)

  901. grant mackay