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Practical Ethics for the Effective Treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorder (Cox, Quigley, & Brodhead)

A workshop by Drs. David Cox, Shawn Quigley, and Matthew Brodhead delivered at the 2018 Michigan Autism Conference. The open-access videos below do not contain embedded questions or interactions like the CEU and coursepack versions.

This workshop is for behavior analysts working directly with, or supervising those who work with, individuals with autism. The workshop addresses important topics such as the principles and values that underlie the Behavior Analyst Certification Board’s ® Professional and Ethical Compliance Code for Behavior Analysts, and factors that affect ethical decision-making. In addition, the workshop addresses critical and under-discussed topics of: scope of competence; evidence-based practice in behavior analysis; how to collaborate with professionals within and outside one’s discipline; and how to design systems of ethical supervision and training that customized to unique treatment settings. Across many of the topics, the presenters also discuss errors students and professionals may make during analyses of ethical dilemmas and misapplications of ethical codes within their practice.
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