Chomsky vs. Skinner: In Their Own Words

In 1957, B.F. Skinner published the book Verbal Behavior. In 1959, a young linguist named Noam Chomsky published a review of that book, sharply criticizing Skinner’s behaviorism in general and his behavioral approach to language acquisition in particular. Chomsky’s review became arguably more influential and well-known than Skinner’s book, and it played a key role in the “cognitive revolution” that soon came to dominate both psychology and linguistics. The debate between the pragmatism of Skinner and the structuralism of Chomsky continues to this day. Now hear directly from both men, in a series of archival interviews and speeches spanning several decades, as they address the philosophical and practical differences between their approaches.
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Noam Chomsky & B.F. Skinner
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1 thought on “Chomsky vs. Skinner: In Their Own Words”

  1. I’m enjoying listening to the actual voices and seeing the faces of these speakers. Skinner’s confidence and intelligence is inspiring. He was funny. The format with imbedded questions works well for my learning style. A worthwhile CEU venture, I think.

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