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A Review of Treatment Options Using Script and FCT to Address Challenging Behavior (Korneder, Boudreau, & Jenkins)Challenging behaviors are often the result of a child’s inability to meet their needs appropriately. One reason children with ASD engage in these responses may be due to insufficient learning …Viewoer-videos oer
ABA Terminology for Effective Practice (Open Access)by Melissa C. Mackal, Ph.D., BCBA & Robert Wallander, Ph.D., BCBA-D This tutorial provides both an introductory and practical review of what behavior-analytic terminology is, when you should use it, …Viewoer-tutorials oer
Abuse and Autism Spectrum Disorder (Susan Wilczynski)Individuals with disabilities are at significantly greater risk for abuse than the general population. This presentation addresses the unique challenges of assessing, implementing prevention, and addressing abuse that involves individuals …Viewoer-videos oer
Acceptance and Commitment Therapy FlashcardsKey terms, concepts, and components of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT).Viewoer-flashcards oer
Addressing Pseudoscientific Practices in Applied Behavior Analysis (Angela Capuano & Kim Killu)Pseudoscientific practices are commonly used and promoted in the field of developmental disabilities. Behavior analysts should anticipate encountering such treatments in practice and understand their ethical obligations with regard to …Viewoer-videos oer
Advances in Functional Communication Training: Recent Procedural Refinements that Promote Durable Treatment Outcomes (Adam Briggs)Functional communication training (FCT; Carr & Durand, 1985) is a well-established treatment for socially mediated problem behavior exhibited by children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (Kurtz et al., 2011). FCT …Viewoer-videos oer
An Examination of Linear and Ratio Graphs (Richard M. Kubina Jr.)Line graphs and visual analysis have served as the engine of evaluation and decision making for applied behavior analysis. The advantages of line graphs include providing treatment data visually and …Viewoer-videos oer
An Introduction to Relational Frame Theory (Open Access)by Eric J. Fox, Ph.D. Learn the key concepts, terms, and approach of Relational Frame Theory (RFT), a behavioral account of human language and cognition. RFT provides the theoretical basis …Viewoer-tutorials oer
An Introduction to Verbal Behavior (Open Access)by Norman Peterson, Ph.D. Learn the key concepts, terms, and approach of B.F. Skinner’s analysis of verbal behavior and language. Skinner’s analysis serves as the basis for many interventions in …Viewoer-tutorials oer
Applied Behavior Analysis FlashcardsA mammoth set (515 terms!) focused on key terms and concepts in applied behavior analysis, as defined by Cooper, Heron, and Heward.Viewoer-flashcards oer
Are You Providing SUPER-vision? (Tyra Sellers)Professionals responsible for overseeing clinical service delivery to individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder and their families frequently provide supervision to therapists, paraprofessionals, and clinical supervisees who are responsible for direct …Viewoer-videos oer
ASD and Sleep: Helping Children (and their families!) Get a Good Night’s Sleep (Dawn Dore-Stites)Optimal sleep demonstrates strong correlations with improved learning, physical health and overall behavioral functioning. Yet, little is known about how to assess and manage sleep concerns in populations at greater …Viewoer-videos oer
Assessment and Treatment of Problem Behaviors within an Outpatient Clinic (Kristen Kalymon)BCBA ethical codes mandate the use of a functional assessment prior to implementing treatment. Accurately identifying a function and selecting an appropriate treatment are fundamental skills for any practitioner. Students …Viewoer-videos oer
Autism from Age 2 to 26: What Can We Learn About Treatment from Longitudinal Studies (Catherine Lord)As the number of preschool children identified with ASD increases each year, so too will the number of children with ASD moving into adolescence. The aims of the research are …Viewoer-videos oer
B.F. Skinner on EducationIn this 1972 conversation with John M. Whiteley, B.F. Skinner addresses a variety of important issues in education that remain relevant today. He advocates using positive reinforcement and behavioral approaches …Viewoer-videos oer
Better Outcomes Demand Better Graphing (Rick Kubina)Applied and basic researchers in behavior analysis depend on the visual analysis of graphic data. The roots for visual analysis began at the inception of behavior analysis. However, a growing …Viewoer-videos oer
Bridging for Success in Autism: Training and Collaboration Across Community Systems (Naomi Swiezy)Based upon basic premises of long-term practice and research, the HANDS (Helping Answer Needs by Developing Specialists) in Autism® Model Training Curriculum and Framework was developed in 2004. It was …Viewoer-videos oer
Chomsky vs. Skinner: In Their Own WordsIn 1957, B.F. Skinner published the book Verbal Behavior. In 1959, a young linguist named Noam Chomsky published a review of that book, sharply criticizing Skinner’s behaviorism in general and …Viewoer-videos oer
Conceptualizing Self-Determination from a Behavior Analytic Perspective (Stephanie Peterson)We found that in most cases, people consider the goal of education to be developing a self-determined individual. Self-determination is an abstract term. Behavior analysts may find this term difficult …Viewoer-videos oer
Conceptualizing Sexuality Education for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (Susan Wilczynski)This workshop is designed to provide an overview of sexuality education as it is uniquely addressed to meet the needs of individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder. The workshop will begin …Viewoer-videos oer
Detecting and Troubleshooting Treatment Failures: A Crucial Component of Evidence-Based Practice of ABA (Wayne Fuqua)Evidence-based practice (EBP) is a multi-component decision making process in which practitioners select, refine and deliver clinical services based on a) the best available scientific evidence, b) unique client and …Viewoer-videos oer
Dialectical Behavior Therapy FlashcardsKey terms, concepts, and components of Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT).Viewoer-flashcards oer
Essential Competencies for Practitioners Working with Children Diagnosed with Autism (Mary Jane Weiss)The practice of Applied Behavior Analysis gets more complex with each passing year, and the definition of essential competencies continues to expand. Our understanding of how to apply the science …Viewoer-videos oer
Establishing Generative Learning for Children with Autism (Mark Sundberg)Typically developing children demonstrate an explosion of language skills between the ages of 2 and 3 (e.g., Hart & Risley, 1995). During this period, a child acquires new speaker and …Viewoer-videos oer
Ethics of Punishment Panel Discussion (Manson, Quigley, & Rulison)Parents and professionals, at times, support children and adults who are at risk of harm to themselves or others. The risk might be aggression toward the parent, professional or others …Viewoer-videos oer
Ethics of Standardization of Practice (Matthew Brodhead)The standardization of decision-making in behavior-analytic practice may reduce practitioner effort while simultaneously freeing resources to engage in other, and perhaps more complex, tasks. However, the extent to which standardized …Viewoer-videos oer
Ethics Potpourri: Philosophy, Research, Supervision, and Practice (Shawn Quigley)Professional and ethical behaviors are critical for high quality care and consumer protection. But, how is ethical behavior taught, strengthened, and maintained? The science of behavior offers multiple philosophies and …Viewoer-videos oer
Evaluating the Reliability and Sensitivity of the VB-MAPP as an Outcome Measure in Autism Research (Amin Lotfizadeh & Khrystle Montallana)The VB-MAPP is a curriculum guide and an assessment tool that is commonly used in autism interventions. Little is known about its psychometric properties, specifically its inter-rater reliability. Moreover, few …Viewoer-videos oer
Evidence-Based Practice of Applied Behavior Analysis (Susan Wilczynski)The evidence-based practice of applied behavior analysis involves the integration of the best available evidence gleaned from the literature with professional judgment and client values/context. The phrase “evidence-based practice” does …Viewoer-videos oer
Evidence-Based Practice: Myths and Realities (Bruce Thyer)The term evidence-based practice (EBP) is often confused with the act of locating treatments which have been well-supported through past research studies, and then deciding to apply these treatments to …Viewoer-videos oer
Favors, Facts, and Fishnets: Shaping Autism Law and Policy (Lorri Unumb)In 2004, the New York Times wrote that “no disability claims more parental time and energy than autism.” Families dealing with autism face many hardships, not the least of which …Viewoer-videos oer
Functional Behavior Assessment in Public Schools (Christie Nutkins & Abbey Mix)When conducting school-based FBA’s there are additional factors that often need to be considered relative to completing FBA’s in other settings. We will address several of these factors, including potential …Viewoer-videos oer
Grundlagen der visuellen Analyse (Open Access)von Katie Wolfe, Ph.D., BCBA-D und Timothy A. Slocum, Ph.D. Deutsche Version von Timo Lüke, Theresa M. Steiner, Kerstin Ninaus & Sarah El Kholtei Dieses Tutorial bietet einen systematischen und …Viewoer-tutorials oer
Higher Ed, ASD, and Sexuality (Chaturi Edrisinha)When a high school student with ASD enters as a freshman at a university, he or she immediately loses access to the benefits and coverage of IDEA and enters the …Viewoer-videos oer
How Can We Increase the Impact of Behavior Analysis in Solving Problems in New Areas? (Ron Van Houten)Behavior analysis is a powerful tool that could ameliorate many of society’s problems. One of the first problems that was seriously addressed with a behavior analytic approach was the treatment …Viewoer-videos oer
How to Systematically Evaluate Treatments for Autism That Lack an Evidence Base (Matthew Brodhead)With over 400 treatments for autism, behavior analysts are sometimes placed in a position where they must monitor the effects of alternative or ancillary treatments that lack an evidence base. …Viewoer-videos oer
Immediate Feedback: A Misconception of a Recommended Practice (Elian Aljadeff)Feedback is a common and evidence-based practice to improve performance. While feedback is widely used and researched in the training and educational settings, the literature does not provide a clear …Viewoer-videos oer
Impacts of Integrity Failures on Common Reinforcement-Based Interventions (Claire St. Peter)The term treatment integrity refers to the extent to which interventions are implemented as they are designed. For over 20 years, there have been calls for increased reporting of treatment …Viewoer-videos oer
Implementing Video Modeling with Learners with Autism Spectrum Disorders (Joshua Plavnick)Video modeling is an instructional procedure that involves showing a learner a video of another person performing a behavior and then creating an environment for the target learner to perform …Viewoer-videos oer
Improving Conversational Skills of College Students with ASD (Amanda Karsten)The ability to make requests, conceptually referred to as the mand relation, is a type of verbal operant whose response form is under control of a motivating operation (MO). It …Viewoer-videos oer
Incorporating Social Peers into ABA Instruction to Teach Social Skills (LaLonde & Gatewood)Young children with autism often have difficulty cultivating friendships due to the language and social deficits associated with the disorder. Additionally, therapeutic environments may not be arranged to promote social …Viewoer-videos oer
Incorporating Supervision Best Practices Into Clinical Work (Amber Valentino)Supervision impacts all facets of a practitioner’s work. Providing high quality supervision can ensure high quality clinical care, prepare aspiring behavior analysts to effectively supervise others, and contribute to the …Viewoer-videos oer
Integrating Technology into Practice: Why, What, Where, When, How (Janet Twyman)Modern digital technologies such as apps, hardware, and adaptive devices can help persons with autism learn new skills and provide opportunities for practice, application, and problem-solving. These tools can individualize …Viewoer-videos oer
Integrating the Topic of Sexuality for School-Aged Individuals with Autism (Chaturi Edrisinha)Many parents with children with Autism have difficulty seeing their children as sexual beings. They often don’t know how to provide the needed supports for their children to have a …Viewoer-videos oer
Introduction to Acceptance and Commitment Training for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities (Brooke Smith & Gregory Smith)Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) has been the subject of rapidly growing interest among applied behavior analysts interested in applying the technology to clients for whom it may be appropriate. …Viewoer-videos oer
Making Data Easy in Classroom Settings (Jason Guild & Kathy Fox)In many schools and clinical settings, staff report that they collect data frequently but aren’t sure what the data they collect are used for or how it leads to changes …Viewoer-videos oer
Mastering the Basics of Visual Analysis (Open Access)by Katie Wolfe, Ph.D., BCBA-D and Timothy A. Slocum, Ph.D. This tutorial offers a systematic, evidence-based procedure for training individuals to conduct valid and reliable visual analyses of single-subject data. …Viewoer-tutorials oer
Matter of Great Consequence: The Standard Celeration Chart (Rick Kubina)The most popular time series visual display used in practice and research is the linear graph. Recent inquiry into fields such as behavior analysis and special education demonstrates widespread variability …Viewoer-videos oer
Navigating Higher Education with ASD (Chaturi Edrisinha)This presentation will discuss some of the strategies and supports developed to support undergraduate and graduate students with ASD navigate academia at Oakland University (OU). A 2016 Survey conducted at …Viewoer-videos oer
PBIS in the Classroom (Steve Goodman)Learn how to enhance and modify the supports for students with disabilities within the general education classroom setting within the Positive Behavior Intervention Supports (PBIS) framework. This session will discuss …Viewoer-videos oer
Peer to Peer Support Builds Meaningful Social Relationships (Amy Matthews, Carrie Carr, Katy Foster, Lindsey Harr-Smith, & Kathy Hickok)Peer relationships are critical for students with ASD, however opportunities for social engagement are often limited. For example, only 29% of high school students with ASD get together with friends …Viewoer-videos oer
Performance Management in Clinical Settings (Heather McGee)Monitoring and managing staff performance requires first defining the job and performance requirements, then designing and implementing training and management systems around those requirements. This presentation will introduce a process …Viewoer-videos oer
Practical and Ethical Methodologies for Assessing Function of Problematic Behaviors in the Natural Environment (Robert Ross)Some current Functional Analysis (FA) methods (Analog and Trial-based) typically rely on two elements that raise ethical concerns: 1. The direct reinforcement of the problem behavior as part of the …Viewoer-videos oer
Practical Ethics for the Effective Treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorder (Cox, Quigley, & Brodhead)This workshop is for behavior analysts working directly with, or supervising those who work with, individuals with autism. The workshop addresses important topics such as the principles and values that …Viewoer-videos oer
Preparing and Supporting Individuals with Autism for Success in Higher Education (Dorothea Lerman)An increasing number of individuals with autism are entering adulthood without adequate preparation for successful transitions to college. Behavior analysts have much to offer these individuals as they prepare for …Viewoer-videos oer
Problem Behavior is Predictable and Preventable (Timothy Vollmer)When problem behavior such as self-injury, tantrums, aggression, or property destruction occur, observers often lament, “The behavior seems to occur for no reason; it just comes out of nowhere.” The …Viewoer-videos oer
Programming for Success: Critical Elements of an Effective Intervention for Individuals with Autism (James Partington)Professionals who provided services to individuals with a diagnosis of autism strive to help these learners reach their fullest potential. However, many instructional programs for individuals with autism fail to …Viewoer-videos oer
Promoting Happiness Among Adults with Autism on the Severe End of the Spectrum: Evidence-Based Strategies (Dennis Reid)This presentation describes evidence-based strategies for promoting happiness among adults with autism on the severe end of the spectrum. The focus is on enhancing happiness to promote a desirable quality …Viewoer-videos oer
Promoting Quality in Adult Services for People with Autism: Evidence-Based Strategies (Dennis Reid)This presentation will describe critical, evidence-based strategies for promoting and maintaining quality within services specifically for adults with autism. The strategies to be presented are based on over four decades …Viewoer-videos oer
Promoting Successful Aging Through the Lifespan for Individuals with ASD and Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (Jonathan Baker)As all people age through adulthood and into older adulthood, they experience unique opportunities and challenges such as shifts in their career, shifts in their life focus, shifts in their …Viewoer-videos oer
Relational Frame Theory FlashcardsThis set was developed by Foxylearning to cover the terms and concepts found in our tutorial, An Introduction to Relational Frame Theory.Viewoer-flashcards oer
Selecting, Confirming, and Maintaining an Alternative Method of Speaking for Non-Verbal Children and Adults (Patrick McGreevy)Many children do not learn to communicate with spoken words. Many of these non-verbal children reach adulthood without an effective, alternative method of speaking. Some children are taught to ‘exchange …Viewoer-videos oer
Selling Hype or Giving Hope: Science and Pseudoscience in Autism Treatment (Thomas Zane)Autism treatment has long been known as a ‘fad magnet’ that attracts well-vetted empirically-based effective treatments, but unfortunately, also attracts ill-advised, ineffective, and unethical treatments. Parents and caregivers seek effective …Viewoer-videos oer
Social Motivation Theories of Autism: Is Insensitivity to Social Reward Really the Problem? (Iser DeLeon)Some theories of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) implicate a neurobiologically driven insensitivity to social reward as the basis for social deficits, and less directly, other core diagnostic features of ASD. …Viewoer-videos oer
Strategies for Promoting Complex Social Play in Children with Autism Using Photographic Activity Schedules (Thomas Higbee)Play serves an important function in the lives of young children. Through play, children learn about the world around them and come to understand the social rules and conventions that …Viewoer-videos oer
Teaching Listener Responding to Children with Autism (Open Access)by Kaneen Smyer, Ph.D., BCBA-D, Jamie M. Severtson, Ph.D., BCBA-D, & Linda A. LeBlanc, Ph.D., BCBA-D Learn a procedure for teaching listener responding to children with autism based on Early …Viewoer-tutorials oer
Teaching Problem Solving to Increase Academic, Communication, and Social Skills (Judah Axe)Problem solving is defined as manipulating stimuli to increase the probability of arriving at a solution to a problem. When given a problem, such as a math problem or a …Viewoer-videos oer
Teaching Safety Skills to Children with Autism: What Works and What Doesn’t? (Ray Miltenberger)This presentation will discuss research conducted by the author on teaching safety skills, including abduction prevention, firearm injury prevention, and poison prevention. After a brief review of assessment issues, the …Viewoer-videos oer
Teleconsultation in Autism Treatment: Applications and Considerations (Stephanie Peterson)This presentation reviews the literature on teleconsultation as it applies to autism treatment. Examples of the variety of ways in which teleconsultation is being used as a part of the …Viewoer-videos oer
The Effects of a Text Message Prompt on Conversation Between Dyads with Autism Spectrum Disorder (Julia Blanco & Marjorie Charlop)Many forms of technology are now a mainstay of families, such as smartphones, iPads, computers and the like. Easy to use procedures that can be implemented on these devices in …Viewoer-videos oer
The Generalization of Mands (Caio Miguel)The ability to make requests, conceptually referred to as the mand relation, is a type of verbal operant whose response form is under control of a motivating operation (MO). It …Viewoer-videos oer
The Training Curriculum for Supervisors of ABA Technicians in Autism Programs (Breanne Hartley)The Training Curriculum for Supervisors of ABA Technicians in Autism Programs is designed to train supervisors and aspiring supervisors in evidence-based methods of supervising staff who provide ABA (applied behavior …Viewoer-videos oer
The Verbal Behavior Milestones Assessment and Placement Program (VBMAPP): An Overview (Carl Sundberg)Typically the primary focus of an intervention program for children with autism should be on the development of effective language and social skills. There clearly are several other areas in …Viewoer-videos oer
Toward an Understanding of Assent with Individuals with Communication Disabilities (Cody Morris & Jessica Detrick)Seeking and obtaining assent from clients and research participants is an important component of behavior analytic practice and research. However, typical assent procedures primarily rely on spoken and written communication …Viewoer-videos oer
Training Providers to Conduct Trial-Based Functional Analysis (Mandy Rispoli)Behavioral interventions developed from a functional behavior assessment (FBA) are more likely to be effective than interventions that are not function-related (Carr, 1994). Further, the quality and fidelity of FBAs …Viewoer-videos oer
Training the Parent Trainer (Carl Sundberg)Most of a client’s hours are spent away from the main training environment. Most of our clients go home to their parents after day therapy. What becomes critical is that …Viewoer-videos oer
Treating Food Selectivity as Resistance to Change (Kathryn M. Peterson & Cathleen C. Piazza)Change-resistant behavior, such as rigid and selective food consumption, is a core symptom of autism that can have significant negative consequences for the child (Flygare Wallén, Ljunggren, Carlsson, Pettersson, & …Viewoer-videos oer
Treatment Strategies for Selective Eaters (Amy Drayton)A wide range of feeding problems are common in children with autism spectrum disorders but perhaps the most common is eating a restricted variety of table foods. Specific behavioral strategies …Viewoer-videos oer
Using Behavioral Science to Improve Fidelity of Implementation of Behavior Support Plans in Schools (Wendy Machalicek)Treatment fidelity, or the extent to which the intervention is implemented as intended, is widely regarded as essential for improving child outcomes in school settings. Treatment fidelity includes the components …Viewoer-videos oer
Using Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports to Help Children with Autism be Successful in the Gen-Ed Setting (Steve Goodman)Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports (PBIS) is an evidence-based set of practices that is currently implemented in over 20,000 schools across the nation. Key features of PBIS include identifying behavior …Viewoer-videos oer
Verbal Behavior FlashcardsThis set was developed by Foxylearning to cover the terms and concepts found in our tutorial, An Introduction to Verbal Behavior.Viewoer-flashcards oer
Visual Support Strategies to Teach Recreation and Leisure Skills to Adults with Developmental Disabilities (Jeff Chan)Recreation and leisure skills are an important part of everyone’s daily lives. These skills are important for rest and relaxation as well as improving one’s quality of life. Three studies …Viewoer-videos oer
What Constitutes a Behavioral Approach to Autism Treatment? (Mark Sundberg)It is clear that the principles and procedures that constitute behavior analysis can have a significant impact on individuals with autism. However, with the recent passage of several insurance bills, …Viewoer-videos oer
What Students and Educators Can Teach Us About Functional Behavior Assessment and Intervention in the Classroom (Jennifer Austin)The use of functional behavior assessments (FBAs) to inform treatment recommendations has long been established as best practice in behavior analysis from both ethical and empirical standpoints. However, the practicalities …Viewoer-videos oer
What You Need to Know to Be a Behavior Analyst (James Todd)A couple generations ago a popular academic activity was to point out to behavior analysts their relative insularity. This was at a time when most behavior analysts came to the …Viewoer-videos oer
What’s in a Name? Exploring What it Means to Supervise (Heather McGee, Jeana Koerber, & Sally Weigandt)Due to the Behavior Analyst Certification Board’s recent release of the fifth-edition task list, supervision has become a common topic among Board Certified Behavior Analysts. However, the word “supervise” seems …Viewoer-videos oer
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