Dr. Carl Sundberg

Teaching in the Natural Environment (CP)

A presentation by Dr. Carl Sundberg delivered at the 2016 Michigan Autism Conference

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Teaching in the natural environment can be difficult but is critical. This is one of the areas that parents, behavior technicians, and teachers seem to have the most difficulty. It is sometimes thought that if a child is not sitting at the table being drilled then you are not doing ABA. While it is true that trials in the natural environment may not be as intense or frequent; the quality of these trials is typically better. They are better because they are more functional. Natural environment teaching by itself may not be sufficient because the number of trials and the structure may not be there. Both types of training are typically needed. Through this presentation, the participants will learn how to create teaching situations while doing everyday activities such as bath time, dinner, bedtime routine, playing in the backyard, etc.

About the Speaker

Carl Sundberg, Ph. D., BCBA-D, is the chief clinician and founder of the Behavior Analysis Center for Autism. He received his doctorate degree in ABA from Western Michigan University under the direction of Dr. Jack Michael. While a graduate student, he taught behavior analysis at WMU for seven years. Dr. Sundberg has publications in The Analysis of Verbal Behavior and A Collection of Reprints on Verbal Behavior. Dr. Sundberg has over 30 years of experience using behavioral interventions to teach individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities. He oversees the training of all the staff at BACA and consistently spends time with the clients. Eighty percent of his time is spent contributing to the training of staff and addressing specific client programs.

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