Cooper, Heron, and Heward’s Applied Behavior Analysis (2nd ed.): Checkered Flag for Students and Professors, Yellow Flag for the Field

Patrick C. Friman
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Read the following article and pass a 7-question quiz on it:

Friman, P. C. (2010). Cooper, Heron, and Heward’s Applied Behavior Analysis (2nd ed.): Checkered flag for students and professors, yellow flag for the field. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 43(1), 161-174.

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To earn credit, you will be required to read the article and pass a 7-question quiz about it. You can retake the quiz as many times as needed, but you will not receive exactly the same questions each time.


At last, the field of applied behavior analysis has a beautifully crafted, true textbook that can proudly stand cover to cover and spine to spine beside any of the expensive, imposing, and ornately designed textbooks used by college instructors who teach courses in conventional areas of education or psychology. In this review, I fully laud this development, credit Cooper, Heron, and Heward for making it happen, argue that it signifies a checkered flag for students and professors, and recommend the book for classes in applied behavior analysis everywhere. Subsequently, I review its chapters, each of which could easily stand alone as publications in their own right. Finally, I supply a cautionary note, a yellow flag to accompany the well-earned checkered flag, by pointing out that, as is true with all general textbooks on applied behavior analysis, a major portion of the references involves research on persons who occupy only a tail of the normal distribution. To attain the mainstream role Skinner envisioned and most (if not all) behavior analysts desire, the field will have to increase its focus on persons who reside under the dome of that distribution.

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Read the article below or download it directly. The module also includes a 7-question quiz about this article that you must pass to earn credit.

13 reviews for Cooper, Heron, and Heward’s Applied Behavior Analysis (2nd ed.): Checkered Flag for Students and Professors, Yellow Flag for the Field

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  1. Avatar

    This really was an interesting read being able to learn about the differences in the 1st and 2nd edition and the reasonings behind it!

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    Well-balanced review of the second edition “white Bible” of ABA.

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    I really don’t like how a singular error causes your score to be reduced by 2 points. During most quizes it doesn’t make a difference because you have to retake the quiz even if you get one wrong, but getting your score reduced by ‘2’ when you only got 1 question incorrect. What it “appears” to be doing is reducing the score by ‘1’ for selecting the incorrect answer and additionally reducing your score by ‘1’ for not selecting the correct answer. Might just be a technology adjustment?

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    • Eric Fox

      That is not how our quiz scoring works. Some questions, however, have multiple correct answers (“check all that apply” type questions) and are worth multiple points. Thus, on those questions you can have your score reduced by 2 or more points if you do not select 2 or more of the possible correct answers (i.e., your score is not reduced by multiple points for making a “singular error” — it is reduced by multiple points for making multiple errors). If you believe a quiz is being scored incorrectly, please contact our helpdesk with a description and evidence of your claim.

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    Great read but the quiz had a question that kept marking my answer wrong – I had to take the quiz like 7 times before I was able to avoid that question that kept marking wrong

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    • Eric J. Fox, Ph.D.

      Hi Alicia — I’m sorry to hear you experienced a problem with the quiz. We’ll take a look at the quiz to see if we can find the problem, but if this happens again please contact our helpdesk (including a screenshot of the problematic question would be helpful) so that we can try to correct it right away and prevent you from needing to re-take the quiz so many times.

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    Interesting article

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Cooper, Heron, and Heward’s Applied Behavior Analysis (2nd ed.): Checkered Flag for Students and Professors, Yellow Flag for the Field
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