ASD and Sleep: Helping Children (and their families!) Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Dawn Dore-Stites


A presentation by Dr. Dawn Dore-Stites delivered at the 2018 Michigan Autism Conference

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Optimal sleep demonstrates strong correlations with improved learning, physical health and overall behavioral functioning. Yet, little is known about how toassess and manage sleep concerns in populations at greater risk for sleep problems such as children and adolescents diagnosed with an ASD. The current presentation will be divided into two sections. The first will be an outline of common medical issues related to sleep and basic behavioral sleepprinciples. The second portion of the talk will focus upon evidence-based assessment and intervention specific to pediatric populations with ASD. The primary goal of the session is to arm providers and families with the information needed to identify sleep problems early and provide resources to help with intervention.

About the Speaker

Dr. Dawn Dore-Stites completed her graduate training in clinical psychology at Western Michigan University. Her training included internship at Children’s Hospital of Michigan which focused specifically upon pediatric psychology, a branch of psychology that blends child clinical and health psychology. After internship, she completed a postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Michigan, where she was fortunate to receive additional training in behavioral interventions in pediatric sleep and elimination disorders. Clinically, Dr. Dore-Stites works with children and adolescents struggling with sleep disorders and elimination disorders (fecal or urine incontinence). Dr. Dore-Stites relies on evidence-based treatment including behavioral and cognitive-behavioral strategies and tailors treatment to the individual needs of the child and their family.

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Great Presentation!!

This presentation was incredibly informative! I definitely learned so much from Dr.Dore-Stites. I greatly appreciate how thorough yet concise her presentation of the content was. So grateful for the references she shared. Everything here is going to be so valuable to my students and their families.



very informative

this was a wonderful training that provides a medical direction to help assess sleep issues that families are dealing with to get the ball rolling to help improve the child and their families overall quality of life



Excellent Course

I thought this was a very informative course as it is so common among children with ASD. I’ve taken CEU courses on sleep issues but this one stands out because the focus is also about the families of these tender children. They all love their child but this can take it’s toll on anyone and I sometimes feel that is forgotten. Thank you for remembering!



ASD and Sleep: Helping Children (and their families!) Get a Good Night’s Sleep