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Shaireen M. Charania, Linda A. LeBlanc, Narmatha Sabanathan, Inas A. Ktaech, James E. Carr, & Kristin Gunby

Teaching Effective Hand Raising to Children with Autism During Group Instruction

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Charania, S. M., LeBlanc, L. A., Sabanathan, N., Ktaech, I. A., Carr, J. E., & Gunby, K. (2010). Teaching effective hand raising to children with autism during group instruction. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis,43(3), 493-497.


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We taught 3 children with autism to raise a hand or keep both hands down depending on their status (e.g., having heard a target word, possessing a specific item) using modeling, prompting, and reinforcement. All 3 children acquired accurate hand-raising skills in response to progressively more difficult discrimination tasks during group instruction. The implications for preparing children for general education settings are discussed.

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