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Coursepack for BA809 / Spring 2020 / The Children’s Institute of Hong Kong / Hugh-Pennie


This coursepack is for the following course:

Course Title BA809: Ethics in Applied Behavior Analysis
Institution The Children’s Institute of Hong Kong VCS Program
Term Spring 2020
Instructor Amoy Hugh-Pennie, Ph.D.

By purchasing this coursepack, you agree to share with the instructor(s) of this course any and all progress and performance data our website collects about you for the included modules.
This coursepack will provide you with access to the modules listed below.
Ethics of Punishment Panel
Ethics of Punishment Panel Discussion (CP)
A panel discussion at the 2016 Michigan Autism Conference
Dr. Robert Ross
Practical and Ethical Methodologies for Assessing Function of Problematic Behaviors in the Natural Environment (CP)
A presentation by Dr. Robert Ross delivered at the 2018 Michigan Autism Conference
David Cox, Shawn Quigley, & Matthew Brodhead
Practical Ethics for the Effective Treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorder (CP)
A workshop by Drs. David Cox, Shawn Quigley, and Matthew Brodhead delivered at the 2018 Michigan Autism Conference
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